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Etiopien är landet där Islam är produkt av den heliga Första Higra som har stor plats både religöst och historiskt hos muslimer. Alla muslimska lörda, "Olema", och de flesta muslimer världen över känner till stjärnan Bilal al Habashi, den första bland slavar i Mecca att konverteras till Islam, var från Etiopien. Detta gör landet ett av de heliga muslimska platserna i världen.



Ignorance is the root problem which every Islamic association should tackle. Negashi struggles to mitigate this problem by expanding its education and study circles at all age levels.

Quran Study

Negashi recently launches a Quran Study program for kids. Currently we have about 40 students, out of which 17 are girls. The students largely differ in their levels.

Member Circle

Our members are our foundations. We are working hard to make our members as close as possible and share their religious, social and economic difficulties.

Online Tefsir

Negashi provides an easy-to-use platform for online Quran Tefsir and Fiqh studies. The program is live every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 17:00 local time.

The Masjid

In the Quran, Allah unequivocally says: “And aqim [perfect] your prayer; indeed, prayer guards against immorality and evil.” (29:45) The ayah promises a moral, victorious life for those who perfect, not just say, their prayers. The pressing question now is how can I perfect my prayers? Well, I think there are three main factors that affect the level of perfection in our prayers: (1) feeling the presence of Allah, (2) understanding the sayings and Athkar of Salah and (3) recognizing the rationale beyond the movements of Salah. In this article, we will explore the spiritual benefits of Sujud, the most crucial movement of the Muslim prayer.

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